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标题: 8/5-8/7 Las Vegas Convention Center ASD Show诚招翻译一名 [打印本页]

作者: wdb32099    时间: 2013-7-24 20:28     标题: 8/5-8/7 Las Vegas Convention Center ASD Show诚招翻译一名

We are the Electronics Manufacturer from China and will participate the ASD show hosted in Convention Center during 8/5-8/7.

We want two translators who can speak both Chinese and English fluently to help with our show during the event. Duties include but not limited to:
1.Be an effective translator to translate the message between customers and our staff
2.Gather customers information
3.Help set up the booth

Each day's work hour is around 9AM-6PM, last day may be less

1.$240 for the 3 days
2.Lunch will be provided

This is a great opportunity for students get exposed to the business world, please include your resume and brief introduction about yourself when submitting.

Thanks a lot!
作者: sabooo    时间: 2013-7-25 08:21

我还没见过低于120一天的诶。真的是low pay诶。俺做翻译的时候都是最低150一天诶。
作者: wsy2011    时间: 2013-7-25 09:13

回复 2# sabooo
这个公司真太小气了, 据我搜了解的最低120一天
作者: richman11373    时间: 2013-8-2 19:20


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