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标题: 请问有人能推荐育婴师吗? [打印本页]

作者: April    时间: 2015-7-13 11:46     标题: 请问有人能推荐育婴师吗?

我怀孕快四个月了,due date 明年1月八号。 请问大家有没有有经验的育婴师(Newborn care specialist) 或实习育婴师( Newborn care specialist inter) 可以推荐一下?
育婴师跟月嫂不同, 育婴师更侧重于新生儿睡眠和进食的训练。我小姑跟我说一定要找一个有经验并且有reference 的。 因为这一行都是word of mouth. 这样才可靠。

Newborn Care Specialist  An option for families that are looking for an expert to provide guidance on scheduling, newborn care, and sleep training as well as other newborn care.
Newborn Care Specialist Interns An option for families who are looking for a professional who has worked with newborns for less than three years but has completed their "Newborn Care Specialist" course work and is working towards their hands on experiences.

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