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标题: 招聘中英文流利展場物流臨時工作人員 mandarin speaking contractor [打印本页]

作者: doris2012    时间: 2017-8-21 16:34     标题: 招聘中英文流利展場物流臨時工作人員 mandarin speaking contractor

您好," V# r" M, [2 M) d, X! Y4 R+ ?' w% g

# d2 d" {, f* F4 V" I# Q5 I3 K1 b本司为全方位展览物流公司,目前欲寻求中英文流利的临时工作人员,工作地点以拉斯维加斯展览中心及Sands Expo 为主,但也有可能到美国其它展覧会场及国外工作的机会0 E  Q* |  a6 w/ O- @% n; {: x6 N
6 Z% E( y* C  D$ y- |如您有兴趣加入这份工作,请尽速寄您的履历到 ,我们会尽快安排面试
8 ?8 z9 ]1 \5 \- ]% N- _) p& c; \/ \
Outstanding Job Opportunity for a candidate who is fluent in Mandarin as well as English. Well established International Freight Forwarding company is seeking a great person to represent the company during Exhibition Trade Shows at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Sands Expo Convention Center. Full training will be provided beginning around September 1st. This is Full-time work during the shows, however this is an Independent Contractor position. The right candidate will have the ability to work both in Las Vegas as well as travel domestically to other shows. Please send resume with cover letter to for immediate consideration to to interview.

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