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标题: vegas制药厂诚聘多位人才 [打印本页]

作者: MERION    时间: 2017-12-20 10:54     标题: vegas制药厂诚聘多位人才

职位1:! {, L9 r/ C+ [& b4 V8 |
Chemist /QC
. A" |  j+ Y" Y+ a' ^" G- g" b, T/ BLocation: Las Vegas
4 p$ F% v0 h0 T/ H/ R+ C! l- A6 IJob type:Full time/part time5 \. r3 x$ [1 l
Salary: DOE. O3 _) H  N: d+ ^: n" }: `2 Q1 n
Job Description:
; k7 j  a7 u1 E6 y( A) H+ M: S- The Chemist is responsible for the performance, recording and reporting of chemical tests of5 ]! }" f5 G9 l- z$ f# \% {
finished product, in-process, raw material, stability and validation samples of the Chemistry
) {: F% Q1 h0 F- H" w# b4 n+ rDepartment.
3 H) H; S4 R* b+ e; o2 v- Operate GC, HPLC, UV/VIS, FTIR, AA, pH, wet chemical equipment, Viscometer, scales, q5 p8 X( h3 f/ _4 B( u2 K
and other laboratory instruments as required by the applied test methods.0 v, \* _! R8 y- E, J4 I+ |
- Perform and document the calibration of instruments, when required.9 V3 n3 I8 Z/ G6 ]# e
- Assist in the requisition and inventorying of laboratory supplies.
, ~. o' w" O  l' |# D- Help with other tasks contributing to the overall operation of the laboratory as designated by
6 w" }# ^, S3 W; o5 m; }) F' \the Chemistry Department Manager and Supervisor.- `0 `! m2 W5 q; k1 f. C
" }7 F( Z, T' T* i* u
EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Bachelor's degree (B.S.) Chemistry or related science degree from a college or university is required. Master/PhD degree is  preferred.One year industrial work experience in the chemistry laboratory is preferred., W+ g0 R4 ?1 N. N5 g

: y" `$ ~: Z& p/ s1 V' i7 N+ s
) P! t# E" L2 [; k

9 k/ r, s' r$ k. u4 F% v
5 I- A' m$ T  {3 w  y5 a9 r" g

+ t/ P3 S6 j  o; m/ i4 e; z5 Z) N/ |# g1 N% t5 U4 g
# X" e9 R$ S5 m: S' D
. w0 @) J" b1 B' G) nRegulatory Affairs Associate5 [" h( @7 j, j( ~6 S( B$ G
Location: Las Vegas
! l% C8 D1 Z* B) k+ V; J! tJob type:Full time/part time; F, S# p+ ~: E
Salary:DOE1 e" Q- V8 D8 W" |
' F' _$ r: b8 I+ X6 X
Job Description:
4 V+ ^7 D) H! w4 [- X6 j

5 l, N" h" I8 A6 r. O
  • Managing the activities as assigned for regulatory affairs and compliance throughout the business.
  • Ensuring a products quality during the production process and applicable regulations and procedures are adhered to (cGMP, ISO, FDA, FTC, etc.)
  • Serves as the company's most responsible contact for any necessary interactions with regulatory authorities.
  • Interact with domestic and foreign regulatory authorities in the same capacity as necessary. Interact with regulatory agencies to answer questions, plan meetings, obtain information, and otherwise facilitate regulatory interactions.
  • Create and maintain SOP’s, assist in training, lead all audits, assist in the research and development of new products and the continuous improvement of current products.
  • Be proactive to minimize or eliminate regulatory issues to help prevent any impact of adverse regulatory activities on the corporate reputation, market or bottom line.
  • Lead all audits required from regulatory agencies, customers and prospects.
  • Co-ordination with various stake holders, project teams, strategic sourcing, QA/QC, systems, supply chain, sales, equipment, facilities, project management to plan scale up activities in effective & timely manner.
  • Investigates, reviews, and recommends new procedures, policies and/or technology that would improve or enhance the department’s capability to deliver service, quality, compliance and build sales.
3 W& D. P6 r) |" }1 m: A& E+ o
  G- i) Q" s9 C, n8 f8 b+ x+ PBachelor's degree (B.S.) Chemistry or related science degree from a college or university is required. Master/PhD degree is  preferred. One year industrial work experience in the chemistry laboratory is preferred.
2 J+ J7 M7 s' B6 [, u

' a/ W5 k$ N# c  K. E

* j9 m# q3 E0 q# E" d- K$ A0 L& `
9 c1 y& I3 L4 u$ r. y% x7 q0 n' Y

4 B; G& ]$ F4 A8 J: |7 _请发简历到此

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