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标题: vegas制药厂诚聘多位销售Sales [打印本页]

作者: MERION    时间: 2018-1-22 10:29     标题: vegas制药厂诚聘多位销售Sales

本帖最后由 MERION 于 2018-1-22 10:30 编辑   Q+ Q1 A4 v5 b, E- q$ V9 s
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Position :Sales Representative
5 R' b6 \, N# y& f! WLocation: Los Angeles/Las Vegas
9 t0 A/ v( [4 l" ?9 OJob type:Full time/part time
2 t. z- o8 H  ySalary: base salary+commision# \1 t( c" V' i; o
Job Description:
6 f% Z! b7 y6 V& I6 R& zResponsibilities$ j  q5 F4 {* N2 f9 {5 L
/ ]9 |! b8 Q4 o* I7 h6 j

2 J' I. ?$ G) o; M, m

1. More than 2 year experiences in industry sales especially in dietary supplement  area.

2. Familiar to the process of raw material procurement(or worked as) in Food&beverage ingredients ,dietary supplement area.

3. Better you have worked as purchasing coordinator/manager,procurement, supply chain,product line manager,biz development manager etc.

" H: \& f$ ~( [+ D* V: HDevelop knowledge and thorough understanding of all products and services, and apply knowledge to provide appropriate recommendations/ solutions that meets client's business requirements.

5. With enough resources for the future work ,farmilar to the distributor ,ingredient supplier ,manufacturer in the area of ingredients or dietary supplement processing.

6.The basic ability as a sales .0 @3 I; ~2 C( ]& N) Z. J
Manage renewal sales process for existing customer base, including setting of expectations, changing needs assessments, negotiating contracts and processing of contracts via relevant internal systems

; Y5 M9 J, S; N3 m8 A* H/ ]$ b
( c3 w2 u% `! ?6 E

) v! r' g3 ?/ Q/ P
! o) C8 n, i, ^' m, \  |
联系方式“ T' ~- f7 C/ w  P

5 i, ^3 f1 J0 x

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