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标题: Teach English Online for ESL Students [打印本页]

作者: clearsky    时间: 2018-6-13 16:47     标题: Teach English Online for ESL Students

ABC English Online is looking for experienced and professional Online ESL teachers! PLEASE SEND YOUR CV and PHOTO TO:
- v0 c% G* {2 OI.        CLASS TYPE5 t( f+ ?+ e5 ~' l% t
•        1-on-1 (mostly) online English class with intensive content
! J5 n' t/ g( f•        25-minute for Kid / 50-minute for Adult / 20-minute for Demo" n9 X/ P( f, \. J
•        Teaching Material Provided
: M, z" Y3 ~6 Z  F! K
$ `! q( Q+ y: R8 V$ GII.        REQUIREMENTS
+ F9 e: u; Q6 X3 m1 [! n6 i( o•        Native English speakers from USA, CANADA3 F! C# e  q) N4 Z" R
•        Minimum 1 year of teaching experience
; x3 g- d% r4 j1 p0 m•        Bachelor's degree or above8 T# e/ i7 ?4 f1 P( x  q
•        TESOL, TEFL or CELTA preferred
& y% `4 L& I3 e4 K•        Tech Requirements: Desktop or Laptop with Fast Internet connection and audio/video capability
1 d6 e- Y$ @$ V' n1 f& y* f: R, J7 B5 F; k2 G& c7 W5 {
( ]! C- X5 b0 U0 s•        Hourly Rate:  $20 - $25; l& Q8 W/ _* c
IV.        CONTRACT TERM: One year; Renewable, e3 S/ z% f& t" J: ^- G) q
V.        START DATE: Immediately9 s1 Y# H* z, W8 r0 v* P/ u* B: |. G7 [
VI.        HOURS: Minimum 12 hours per week commitment. Teachers are not required to work full shifts, just to ensure 12 hours during the following.
- V# a4 T* c) b4 }. m4 `Eastern Time: Mon-Sun 6am-10am; Fri & Sat 9pm-11pm; % K2 ?& f; }% ~; G  E4 U' ]; B* G
Central Time: Mon-Sun 5am-9am; Fri&Sat 8pm-10pm; 3 q# d# u) {% K6 B" U: W3 ]
Mountain Time: Mon-Sun 4am-8am; Fri&Sat 7pm-9pm ; + r6 V8 B4 S$ h4 B) w5 i' G
Pacific Time: Mon-Sun 3am-7am; Fri&Sat 6pm-8pm ; 4 ~  ^0 D+ ^, X8 I

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